Alfonzo Yost

Alfonzo Yost

Hi, my name is Alfonzo Yost, and I’m an Italian American who migrated to the US at the age of 10. Believe me, I know a lot about cultural differences, dating someone who has a bit different views on particular things, and more importantly, I know how to make these differences spice up your relationship instead of ruining it.
My mom divorced my father when I was 7, and well, I didn’t even realize what actually happened. However, in 3 years, I realized that my life is changing dramatically because she met my step-father and decided to move to America. That sounded exciting but was definitely not easy mostly because, you know, things that are perfectly normal in Italy may be considered weird, to say the least, in the US, and vice versa.
I really faced some difficulty when building connections with my peers and well, I was growing up, so I did want to date American girls, and that was not always easy too. Nevertheless, I couldn’t even think that my difficulties would be somehow related to my future job.
I graduated from Boston College and took the copywriting course from The Writer’s Bureau, and started looking for customers. I was writing for different content, mostly about IT technologies and SEO marketing, but one day HR offered me to work in international dating exploring different national characters and helping people find their love and build a relationship with someone from another country and culture. I thought why not, I know something about it. So, it was a sign. No, my mom and stepdad met not on the dating site, they were dating IRL, but still—I know a thing about different cultural backgrounds. I work for BrideNWife now, and I really believe that I finally found a topic to write about for years.

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